Why Updates?

I never wanted a blog. But more and more, I have desired a formal way to log project work I am doing. I designed the project Updates to allow me to track and share my progress without feeling too "bloggy".

I do not expect to give updates on every project (some are more or less complete at the time of this writing), and it may be some time before I get to explore other projects more thoroughly (especially while I look for a job). In the end, I hope that the Updates feature will motivate me to finish up old projects and explore new ideas.

Category: JavaScript

April 8

Using Prototype (and ensuing difficulties)

Now that classes are over and my website is (mostly) done, I have the time to go back and review the code I wrote for the shared workspace. It was well-commented, but the code itself could use some legibility improvements. Plus, there are some interesting patterns I would like to try and apply, the simplest of which is the Constructor Pattern.

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April 26

GrooveGrabber: My First Chrome Extension

A while back, after playing around with Firebug, I developed a method for saving streaming media delivered by Grooveshark.com. Since then, I have been thinking about ways to share this method with other people. I had some spare time this weekend, so I implemented the approach in a Google Chrome extension. You can download it here.

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June 20

The Strategy Pattern in JavaScript

I've been working with Rick and learning a bunch about what makes JavaScript so great. While refactoring some of my work in a code review, I recognized the Strategy pattern emerging.

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August 19

Spoofing User-Agent in Chrome

A recent project at Bocoup had me searching for ways to programatically modify the user-agent string in Chrome. Searching the web yielded little evidence that this was possible, but luckily, I have a friend who works on Chrome. He clued me in to the WebRequest API, and I got to work creating my extension.

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August 27

Fieldrunners: Playing to the Strengths of HTML5 Audio and Web Audio

I wrote a new article for the Bocoup weblog based on my experience with the Web Audio API and incorporating it into the upcoming web port of the game Fieldrunners. You can find it here.

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April 10

Third-Party JavaScript Development: Optimizing CSS Delivery

I've written a new article for the Bocoup.com weblog entitled "Third-Party JavaScript Development: Optimizing CSS Delivery". You can find it here.

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April 17

Third-Party JavaScript Development: CSS Defensive Techniques

I've written a new article for the Bocoup.com weblog entitled "Third-Party JavaScript Development: CSS Defensive Techniques". You can find it here.

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June 5

Third-Party JavaScript Development: The Future!

I've written a new article for the Bocoup.com weblog entitled "Third-Party JavaScript Development: The Future!". You can find it here.

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November 18

Review: The Tangled Web

I came across this book when looking for a more practical follow-up to Applied Cryptography. (Being a web developer, my interests are focused around Internet security.) I believe Amazon recommended it to me, and I was convinced by the pedigree of the publisher (No Starch Press) and the credentials of the author (Daniel Zalewski).

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