Why Updates?

I never wanted a blog. But more and more, I have desired a formal way to log project work I am doing. I designed the project Updates to allow me to track and share my progress without feeling too "bloggy".

I do not expect to give updates on every project (some are more or less complete at the time of this writing), and it may be some time before I get to explore other projects more thoroughly (especially while I look for a job). In the end, I hope that the Updates feature will motivate me to finish up old projects and explore new ideas.

Category: Personal

March 21

Do I Really Need RAID?

I've been thinking about running a RAID setup for a long time. Each time I upgrade my hard drive, disk failure becomes more scary. While building my new PC, I finally came to my senses.

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May 23

Working at Bocoup!

I am excited to announce that I have accepted a full-time position at the web development house Bocoup! I'll be commuting to "the Loft" in South Boston beginning in June, and I can't wait to get started!

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February 21

Review: Secrets & Lies by Bruce Schneier

I’m not sure how I first heard about Bruce Schneier, but his ideas have appealed to me for a while now. He has an impressive background in computer cryptography, but his transition to a personality in the field of security that interests me most. Utilizing a technical background to build a more socially-relevant identity is a feat I personally hope to accomplish one day (just like Tony Stark, "Mannie" O''Kelly-Davis, or Mitchell Hundred). But enough gushing; let’s talk about the book.

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April 16

Review: The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil

After watching "Kara is Self Aware", I put my foot down and purchased "The Singularity is Near" by Ray Kurzweil. While the author would contend the book is anything but science fiction, I felt that, as a subject, the Singularity was woefully under-represented in my sci-fi reading. The Singularity describes an exponential growth in technological capability, but my own interest in Kurzweil's opinions varied with an exponential decay.

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November 18

Review: The Tangled Web

I came across this book when looking for a more practical follow-up to Applied Cryptography. (Being a web developer, my interests are focused around Internet security.) I believe Amazon recommended it to me, and I was convinced by the pedigree of the publisher (No Starch Press) and the credentials of the author (Daniel Zalewski).

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