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Blue Phalanx Productions


Early on in highschool, my friends and I started taking every opportunity to make home movies for school assignments. We called ourselves "Blue Phalanx Productions," a name we've continued to operate under to this day.


Because I was lucky enough to have a video capture card, I took the role of Editor in almost all the films. Over the years, my appreciation for storyboarding and timing has grown significantly. As we matured, our offerings likewise evolved, and I found myself thinking more and more in terms of spliced cuts with mixed audio. This understanding has served me well in recent work where I can use video to help demonstrate design concepts.


It wasn't long until I began experimenting with computer-generated effects. My experience with Photoshop provided an excellent stepping stone to this work. Our movies employed color correction, green screen effects, firearm muzzle flashes, and simple 2D animation. One of my favorites allowed for Joe to drag his clone's body of screen:

Notable Films

When it Rains follows a double agent: a detective masquerading as a crook to get to the crime boss. (I feel obligated to mention that we wrote this years prior to The Departed or reading Sleeper, although the premis is admittedly nothing groundbreaking.) The film was really designed more than written. It was our only serious production, and we wanted it to look as professional as possible. This was the motivation for shooting high contrast black-and-white video and providing audio through voice over narration (both attempts to mask the consumer-grade camera).

Mummy's the Word! was really Sam's brainchild. Set in the '80s, two young men trespass in an abandoned hospital and find a real-life mummy. This project went from concept to finished film in three days. Is that evident in the final product? I'm not sure we could have produced something so zany and frenetic any other way.

For more video work, see The Great Potato Challenge and my briefcase computer.

@ a Glance...

  • Duration: 8 years
  • Team mates: 5 (longtime friends)
  • Responsibilities: writer, director, editor, actor
  • Technology: video editing, post production