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This page lists a collection of projects I have worked on over the past few years. Some have been for pleasure, others for school, but all have helped me develop skills I find useful in development and design.

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Blue Phalanx Productions

Early on in highschool, my friends and I started taking every opportunity to make home movies for school assignments. We called ourselves "Blue Phalanx Productions," a name we've continued to operate under to this day.

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Shared Workspace Web App

I led a team of fellow HCI students in a year-long effort to develop a shared workspace web application. We stepped through an entire design cycle; we began with a vague concept, refined our focus through research, ideated, engineered a high-fidelity prototype, and validated our concepts with user studies. Most notably, I wrote all the prototype code (learning JavaScript and jQuery along the way).

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Briefcase Server

When beginning my sophomore year at RPI, I thought it was about time I built my own computer. My trusty Thinkpad was still serving all my personal computing needs, but I was starting to envision fun uses for a dedicated server. My jet-setting college lifestyle necessitated that the computer be built into an aluminum briefcase for easy transport.

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Great Potato Challenge

Between his course work at Boston College and a semester studying in Ireland, my buddy Andrew became quite familiar with Irish history. His friends were incredulous when he claimed that, before the Great Potatoe Famine of 1850, the average laborer consumed 15 pounds of potatoes every day. How could anyone possibly stomach that many potatoes? My mother must be credited with the ensuing event's inception: "Prove it--I'll cook them if you eat them."

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Reflected Spaces

As part of my work for my Master's degree (in "Interface and Interaction Design" under Jos van Leeuwen), I worked in a team of four to design an exploratory HCI installation. My team went beyond the scope of the class by constructing the exhibit and running it in a public space for over a week.

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Ms. Pacman Arcade Table

I have long been infatuated with Ms. Pacman. When I first encountered the game enclosed in a cocktail table, I knew I had to have my own.

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Search Query Haikus

In the fall of 2009, I studied Applied Machine Learning at CMU under Carolyn Rose. As a final project, I analyzed a leaked AOL search query dataset. After that class, I continued working with the data to identify unintentional haikus in users' search histories.

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Some of the most personally rewarding coding I have done was for the web. Although I was making web sites before high school, it wasn't until just before going to college that I began working with dynamic content and databases.

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Portfolio Site

This site itself has been somewhat of a project. I have designed it to showcase my work, to provide me with some useful functionality, and to be expandable. I have also used the opportunity to experiment with new web technologies.

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